Retail & Hospitality

Quantity Surveying Fit out

Suckling Stringer has a passion for the retail and hospitality industry.

Any retail or hospitality development usually requires working with in individual to execute their vision. Between an architect and a quantity surveying team, that vision can become a reality.

Suckling Stringer has a long-standing history working with developers and retailers in Christchurch and across the country, to design and build shopping centres, retail services, and hotel, restaurant, and bar fit-outs.

A wealth of shared expertise between architect and quantity surveyor is required to ensure a client doesn't have to compromise when it comes to budgeting, and both operational and functional objectives can be met with out-of-the-box thinking.

Suckling Stringer's past clients have included shopping centres such as Rolleston Square, restaurants & bars like Amazonita and The Bangalore Polo Club, department stores such as Blackwell's, and numerous others.