Suckling Stringer Quantity Surveyors have extensive experience in estimating and tendering for construction work for projects of all sizes, complexities and values. They work with main contractors and sub-contractor as clients and source competitive and accurate quotations from specialist sub-contractors and suppliers which is then build into the tenders.

When the client is not provided with a bill of quantities for tendering purposes or has provided a schedule of works without quantities, they can measure the proposed works from drawings & specifications and then prepare accurate builders quantities, which can be used to price the proposed works. Suckling Stringer will then price the work and present a professional tender to the client for submission.

Their coverage includes a wide variety of areas including residential, commercial, industrial, sports & recreation facilities, retail facilities and hotels etc…

The Tendering services which are provided to clients includes:

  • Builders Quantities produced from drawings and specifications

  • Preparation and submission of accurate competitive tenders / cost indications

  • Following up on submitted tenders to secure projects for clients

  • Negotiating submitted tenders / contracts / conditions of contract


Suckling Stringer’s extensive experience of over 40 years and up-to-date market knowledge within construction, technical, methods of construction allows them to accurately and successfully tender for projects.