Schedule of Quantities & Sub-Contractor Take-Offs

Quantity surveying take-offs in New Zealand at affordable prices.

A quantity take-off, or simple a “takeoff” or “QTO”, is the detailed measurement (usually provided to you in Microsoft Excel format) of the unique materials and labour needed to complete a construction and building project.

Takeoffs are essential for all contractors in the pre-construction phase of building, as they outline the scope of work do to. They outline how many square metres will need painting, how much guttering is required, the volume of concrete needed, and any other quantity that any contractor must get right before starting a job.

Suckling Stringer Quantity Surveyors offers New Zealand takeoffs at affordable prices. We are able to offer junior surveyors’ rates to complete a takeoff, yet every take-off list comes with the quality assurance of senior management.

Are you tired of doing takeoffs yourself? Many people do them after work when they’re trying to organise a building project, enabling the risk of errors due. Nobody can guarantee the accuracy of an XL spreadsheet at 10 o’clock at night.

Quantity takeoffs are done for both residential and commercial construction jobs. Suckling Stringer is able to turn around accurate and reliable take-off lists within just a few days.